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Uranium Glass Tray.

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This tray and ring holder are listed on GTS as Mystery 145 but the tray is also listed with another tray as Mystery 47. I bought these separately but the colour seems different between them. This may be because of the difference in glass thickness or possibly the tray is an earlier piece.

My response would be that they are different sets

I agree with Christine.

Hi NevB, are both your pieces Uranium?

I have an almost complete set of Mystery 145 in Green, I need to check if it's uranium but probably not, it seems closer to your ring tree in colour.

Mystery 145 Link:

As we now know, the JEWELRAY pieces (Mystery 47) share the same style tray per the c.1950s Clayton Mayers catalogue.


--- Quote from: dirk. on June 29, 2009, 08:11:02 PM ---you're welcome! perhaps we're lucky and someone will recognise it?
like it despite a few damages and the fact that it's not uranium (at least it has a strooooooooooong manganese glow)  ;)

--- End quote ---

Dirk's photos of the green set on GTS looks almost mint in colour, he has confirmed his set is NOT uranium.

I wonder if there are some clues to dates etc. regarding your tray being uranium, it is a very nice lime type colour! :)

Yes Jayne they both glow but the tray less so. Here are some more photos to show them better, the tray is actually darker than it appears in my first photo. I would think your set is almost certainly uranium and like mine 1930's, perhaps Dirk's mint green set is later and they were using a different colourant.


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