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Huge stonking lumps of Scandinavian glass

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David E:
Hi all,

Got a few pieces of clear glass (not my expertise) that I would value someone's opinions on. They are all large, heavy lumps and one is clearly Orrefors (it says so on the tin), but has a large heraldic coat-of-arms acid-etched or engraved on the base. 3.2kg (7 lbs) in weight!

The other two are a little more ambiguous: the first is a tall ovoid vase with a fish engraved on the side. I have seen other glass attributed to Scandinavian makers like this. A mere 2.1kg...

The last is an engraved fruit bowl. Not sure whether this is Scandinavian; could it be Royal Bohemian? Certainly has a 1960/70s look to it and weighs 3.2kg.

More photos can be seen at along with dimensions and weights. The entire page is 84KB, including thumbnails (see, we do listen Bernard!  :lol: )

Much appreciated, in advance.



I've looked at your bowl and it looks very like a modern Stuart pattern that is currently on sale.

Hope this helps.


David E:
Hi Samantha,

Many thanks for that - just goes to show that looks can be deceptive!


The heraldic device and motto, is that of the Republic of Fiji. (Fear God and honour the Queen)

Bernard C:

Delighted that your huge stonking lumps of Scandinavian glass were not accompanied by huge stonking in-line images.   However, I already have you down in my list of those who have seen the light, so, sorry, no popping of champagne corks here.   What I do want to know is how you optimised images that size down to an average of around 4.6Kb?   I don't think the software I use is that good - or is it just that you are better at IrfanView than yours truly.

Bernard C.  8)


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