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Huge stonking lumps of Scandinavian glass

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your fish looks like a sturgeon. No clue if it is Polish, Portugese, Swedish or British, though.....

David E:
Hi all,

Marcus: Many thanks for this - I would never have guessed Fiji though and assumed it came from one of the Scandinavian Royal houses! Looking a the style of dress worn by the figures I guess it makes sense.

Any thoughts on the Orrefors signature though? From what I can work out, the year could be 1953 (Ravenna) but would the designer be Sven Palmqvist? I'm assuming that long 'scratch' is an elongated 'P'. Does anyone know a Web site that offers this information?

Ivo: Thanks for the fish ID: more interested in the glass ID though  :wink: Surprised you were stumped though.

--- Quote ---What I do want to know is how you optimised images that size down to an average of around 4.6Kb?
--- End quote ---

Bernard: I've created a separate topic to answer this, otherwise this will become a stonking message!

Best regards,

Bill G:
The first item was signed by Edvin Öhrström for Orrefors.
The number is for the years after he left but I suspect they used the form with an internal logo for one of the lands or kommunes in Sweden as a gift for a special event.


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