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Can anyone HELP with origin and identification of signature please? - ID = Rollin Karg


Hello everyone,

There are some wonderful collections on here, I have recently purchased my first piece and am trying to identify the signature. I believe it may be Italian, however seller was unsure of it's origin.

Is there anyone who may be able to offer some advice or perhaps help narrow it down, or indeed tell me where, what style and even era this was made. It is always a talking point whenver I have people rou d, I would love to be able to say more than "I have no idea, I just got it off ebay...."

Many thanks

Hi, welcome to the board - Good advice is always welcome! Interesting looking piece, does it have a itís own special stand? I think the signature is Rollin Karg.

Ekimp, got it first time! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, I was looking at Murano so could not have been further away if I tried.
Yes it comes with it's own stand, I am looking forwards to addi g to the collection.

Thanks again

Rollin Karg has a website here


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