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Art Glass by Sally ____ Ester 1975? ID= Sally Worcester, Cannon Beach, Oregon

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Hi all

I picked up this piece at the Car Boot this morning.

It is signed Sally _-_- Ester, I can't make out the middle name.

"Something" Beach

Dated 10/75

Any Ideas anyone??

A completely plain background would help me to make the glass out. It is getting in a bit of a tangle in the photographs. I don't have the advantage of knowing what it looks like in reality, to help me untangle it when the photo is 2D.   :-[
But I don't recognised the names. ???

Hi Sue

I have added a few more pics.

There is a find of dumb bell shaped piece of blue glass encased sideways within the main body of the vase. It goes across the hollow part of the vase.

Thanks for looking and your previous help.


More of signature.

Its clearly a quality piece of glass.

Wonder if it might be from the USA or Australia.


 :) Much better - I can see exactly what it is now. Hopefully they will help somebody else to help you.
I'm getting nowhere googling the names we can make out. The "beach" thing makes the engine come up with tons of home-made jewellery.  ::)


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