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Biedermeier Uranium Vase.

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This is a 20cm./8" opaline, uranium vase. I'm now confident it is Czech, in the Biedermeier style and from anywhere around 1850-1880. The enamelling is rather naive with the main picture being, rather oddly, a fallen log and with other motifs of flowers and hearts. It is a solid piece and weighs almost 1kg./2lbs.

flying free:
oooh that's absolutely, fabulously,gorgeous.  You lucky thing!

I think that might be a little bit earlier. 
How did you decide 1850-1880?


Thanks flying free, I decided on a date of 1850-80 because although the Biedermeier style ran from about 1815-50 most of the glass vases  I saw were dated a bit later and this one also being uranium glass I thought later too. But there is some debate as to when uranium glass was first produced so it could be earlier. I've added some more photos to show the enamelling better. I bought this just after I started collecting glass and baulked a bit at the 16.50 asking price but I think it was a good buy  ;D.

flying free:
uranium glass was much earlier than 1850.  There are examples of opaline green uranium glass dated to 1830s.

It was a very very good buy. 
I imagine the enamels are better in real life than in photos although they show a bit of wear.

I'd say that was earlier rather than later in your date span.  I think maybe late 1840s -1850s.
It's known as Chrysoprasglas (I think - open to correction but I think so)


Yes some of the enamels and gilding are worn but that's to be expected. You're probably right about the date but it's difficult to say exactly. I've seen a blue opaline glass vase online with the very similar enamel attributed to Harrach which is a likely possibility.


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