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Murano Uranium Glass Horse

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This 11cm. uranium sommerso glass horse has similar features to the duckling I've just posted like the way the hooves and the ducklings bill have been pinched out. I think it too could be by Nason or more unlikely Cenedese.

Can we see it against a white background please. I wonder if it's Russian. Uranium horses were galloping out of Russia in herds a few years ago

Here are some more photos Christine. I took the first ones against a darker background as otherwise the legs are difficult to see. I've had a quick look for Russian glass horses and the ones I've seen are similar but none are modelled quite the same, particularly the hooves. The ones I've seen that are the same have all been attributed to Murano but of course they may be wrong.

I've sent you a pm, Nev. I have a copy of a worksheet showing a Murano horse being made by Franco Toffolo, (although he made the one in the pics after he moved to Scotland.) but I can't resize it to post it here. If you get my message, reply, and I'll send it to you. :)

Thanks Sue, unfortunately I haven't received your message. I'll try and do some research on Franco Toffolo.


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