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Green UV reactive toothpick holder - ID = Imperial Glass Co, USA


Hi there,
My name is Julie Martineau, and I am the Museum Coordinator/archivist/curator at the Heritage Museum in Burlington Iowa. We have this gorgeous piece of uranium glass in our collection, and I am hoping to possibly learn more about it?
I know that it is pressed carnival glass, as it has the iridescent sheen that is typical of carnival, and that it is radioactive as it set off a Geiger counter, and fluoresces rather brightly under black light. I believe that it was a toothpick holder? It is about the right size for one. The photo shows it sized against one adult large cotton glove, the kind  that we use when handling artifacts here at the museum.
I am looking for any information as to the age, and possible origin of the glass. Any input is appreciated! My email is (removed - see envelope icon to the left)  if anyone needs to contact me for more information!
Thanks again!
Be well, stay safe.

 :) Hello and welcome.
About the best resource for pressed glass is organised and run by Pamela Wessendorf and her own museum in Hamburg at this link here

You may be gone some time.  ;D

Please don't worry, but I am going to report your post to a moderator to ask them to remove your email address from your post - for your own good, in case of spambots.

I see you have added the envelope icon to your signature.  If anybody needs to contact you privately, they can use that. Your email isn't needed.

Thank you!!!!

 :) It could be that somebody here recognises your piece, I'm afraid I don't.
But I reckoned as a Museum curator yourself, you'd be interested in Pamela's site for future reference, as well as for now.

It's a contemporary (1980s ish) carnival glass,  three in one toothpick holder by Imperial Glass Co


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