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Aqua Blue Vase with Gold like Flecks / Splatters. ID = Mdina or Phoenician

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Hello, this vase is quite heavy and around 15cm tall. Any ideas of maker would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Definitely Maltese.
Most likely Mdina, but I wouldn't rule out another Maltese maker Phoenician as I have something very similar in my shop signed by them.

 :) This shape was designed by Jim Munelly and first made at Mdina, with the crizzle design on the vase being by Michael Harris.
It was a shape made at Phoenician too, but if the remains of the label are the original, that's a shape of label from Mdina. Phonecian had diamond shaped, black labels, and their execution of the design tends to be a lot neater and tidier than Mdina's. Probably '80s.

But looking at your Phoenician vase, Chasdevlin, the design is not neater! It's lovely, with loads of silver salt work.
But you can see a difference in the shape of the neck. It's a bit bulbous and lumpy - so I'd suspect your bud vase is rather early Phoenician, and from before they started seriously diverging from versions of the Mdina designs.

Thanks Sue!
While I'm here do you know if Phoenician always signed their glass? I was under the impression they did, but it could be that I am ascribing unsigned pieces by them to other makers such as Mdina!

I know for certain they did not sign everything. I have quite a few pieces I originally thought were Mdina, when I first started collecting. Phoenician doesn't even always have fully polished base. I have a cylinder with a prunt on it, which containes a Maltese cross. It's the cross with the v-shaped indents in it, same as the MDG cross, but it has a flat and "satinated rough" base. There is no evidence of the batutto-style groves found on MDG.
Early on at Phoenician, nothing was particularly consistent. You need to use little hints and clues you pick up as you go along.
I'm afraid I can't list them, because I only know I know it, when I see something that is relevant. :-[  ::) :)

Phoenician egg shaped vases are slightly shorter than Mdina ones. Their cylinders have different dimensions too - smaller and wider or taller and thinner.


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