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Contemporary Studio Iridescent Peacock Eye Vase Siggie? ID = Tom Philabaum USA


I hate to go to the well too often, but I've been staring at this siggie for a solid week and can't make anything out of it.

Nicely done iridescent peacock eye finish on this clear ground.  5 1/2" high, 5 1/4" wide.  Relatively thin walled, +/- 1/8".  Recessed button pontil mark.  Suspect this an American studio work, picked it up here on the east coast.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 

Fuhrman Glass:
It kind of looks like Tom Philabaum's work . He had a studio in Tucson, AZ for many years but may now be retired.


Thanks for the lead, it sure looks like you're right.

I guess I should have tried Google Image search first before troubling ya'll, since this form and decor is pretty well pictured online.

Since a little unclear about the signature, but I'll look more into whether he had other artist working with him.

Again, thanks for taking the time to help me out.


I was confused because the siggie is partially separated, apparently it reads "Philabaum".

Again, thanks for the help!!!


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