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ID this strange uranium green trinket set? please.

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I have got this set (not sure if it is a set), and I cannot find it from the trinket set website, it is not listed as one of the mystery set. Please let me know what you think about this. The closest one is Walter Roland (2) for the tray, but the pots are different and candlesticks are different as well.

It has more the look of the Libochovice 1700 and 1760 sets but I can't identify it, also the detail of the pot isn't clear as it is slightly out of focus. As mentioned on this site before a lot of these sets are "mix and match".

I agree with NevB, I think it's a mix and match "set" - the tray and pots look like Libochovice 1700 but the candlesticks are different. Clearer photos against a plain white background might help us though. See the 1700 set here for comparison

The shades of green don't match either

I rarely wander into the Trinkets forum, but ... I agree with Christine's comment.

If it were a full set, with all pieces made at very close to the same time, then the shades of green would not differ significantly. Perhaps. Maybe. Probably.


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