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ID this strange uranium green trinket set? please.

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Many thanks for so many comments and advice on this. All are really helpful for newbies like me. I really enjoyed the website set up by Anne, really helped me a lot these days. Happy New Year everyone!


--- Quote from: wy699usa on December 18, 2020, 11:28:15 PM ---I have got this set (not sure if it is a set), and I cannot find it from the trinket set website, it is not listed as one of the mystery set. Please let me know what you think about this. The closest one is Walter Roland (2) for the tray, but the pots are different and candlesticks are different as well.

--- End quote ---

The candlesticks appear to be Walther Romeo 1933 (Rheingold 1931):

I have now seen all the other pieces in your set with the Romeo candlesticks 6 times including yours, so 3 uranium, 2 pink 1 clear. Therefore I believe it could well be a set.

I have been discussing these pieces in a blue 'set' but with different candlesticks on another topic here:,69719.msg401680.html#msg401680

I have also seen the set several times with the Walther Prismen style candlesticks.


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