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Help to ID wine glass - ID = Bryce #325 Iridescent Water Goblet

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Marie Chauvin:
Can anyone tell me the maker of this wine glass.  It's paneled and iridescent.
Thanks in advance

flying free:

Your photos are quite difficult to see the shape of the glass and the stem.  If you could photograph them against a shadow or perhaps against a dark background now , the shape might show up.

Lobmeyr used iridescent glass for their wineglasses but I couldn't really see if there was any match to yours online because of the shape.

Is the stem quite intricate?  and it would be good to see clear pictures of the merese on the stem.

They might be worth searching for though.

Where did you find/buy it i.e. which country?


Marie Chauvin:
Hi M
I'll get better pics tomorrow.  Thanks.  I purchased them in Connecticut at an estate sale.
Appreciate your help!

Marie Chauvin:
I've added better pictures

Your best bet is this site, it might give you a start on finding a maker. Fostoria and Colony are possibilities.


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