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Anchor Hocking Cameo Green Tray

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From my research this is the Cameo pattern made from 1930-34. There is another design with a dancer in the centre called Cameo Ballerina. It has an overall diameter of 7 1/4" and is called a Domino Tray, designed to hold a creamer in the centre with sugar lumps  round the outside. The original pattern was Springtime by Monongah glass, Anchor hocking bought them out. There is quite a lot of this pattern around but I've not found another of these trays.

Fairly scarce according to the depression glass books with price guides, but better in pink without an indentation

Thanks Christine, this is the site I got my information from.

This is another good one.

I have both Warman's and Florence books.
--- Quote ---There is another design with a dancer in the centre called Cameo Ballerina
--- End quote ---
This is the design that often called Cameo Ballerina. The other similar designs are Georgian Lovebirds and Rose Cameo; neither are common here

I've had another look on and the full design has three elements, the inner circular design, a middle ring of swags and an outer ring with the dancer, my dish only has the two inner elements. Confusingly they also have a 6" plate with just the inner and outer elements. ???


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