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yet more old Swedish catalogues from The Swe glass museum


I made this a new topic, because theey are found in a different place.

Swdish glass museum (correct name Kulturparken Småland) has published some old Orrefors catalogues at
Due to the somewhat primitive search terms I have created a search string that should work:
That should yield 12 hits of old Orrefors catalogues (as of today) - to get at them, click on one at a time, scroll down about halfway to find Nedladdningar, Länkade filer (and a filename, for the first hit  Priskurant 629863) Click on that, and the .pdf should appear in a new window. You can then save it to your computer.

(Note: if you try with for example Kosta instead, you will get hits of all glass items which have the word "produktkatalog" in their descriptions. I tried with several other names of glassworks, and came up with nothing catalogue-like)

Thank you Kerstin for uploading the catalogues.
I just downloaded the last catalogue, Swedish association special number. It is packed with the very best of Orrefors glass and glass
engraving ,a real treat.
By the way kerstin did you ever find any examples of hotel glassware engraved by the machines you have in your museum?

Thank you Kerstin, these are fascinating and useful.  I did find a 1928 catalogue for Kosta with a bit of searching too

I did toy with the idea to download all of them and place them on our website - but then I decided they (Museum of glass) deserved credit for their new policy :-)

Anne - the Kosta catalogue is identical to the one we have on the website, dated 1926.

Essi -no, I still haven't found any British hotel glasses. I did visit the Savoy and found they have a (small) room with historical artifacts, but unfortunately no glasses. It turned out that they cleared out a cupboard with old glasses many years ago...
Which means I still am looking!
(and, just for the record, they are/were acid etched, not engraved)

Kerstin, yes I realised that after I'd downloaded it and looked through it - as I'd already checked yours out. :) Better twice than never though.  8)


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