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Genealogy enquiries about glassmaker ancestors / relatives


Over the years we've had various enquiries about glassmakers from relatives doing genealogical research and, whilst we are not a genealogy forum, we have tried to help where we can.

However, on browsing the Dudley Archives website today I spotted that some years ago they were given the Bryan Hardyman archive, which is a good starting point for anyone looking for glassmaker ancestors.

Genealogy Research
In 2004 the Museum Service was presented with an extraordinary card index containing the names of thousands of individuals connected with glassmaking in the UK, from the 17th to the 19th century. The donor was a gentleman from York named Brian Hardyman, and the index was the result of 30 years' work visiting record offices throughout the country consulting original material such as census returns, parish registers, wills and poor law documents.

In 2001 Brian stopped work on the index and kindly donated the index to the Museum Service in 2004. The index is invaluable to those researching their ancestors who worked in the glass industry. Family historians wishing to use the index should contact the Museum Service to make an appointment. We also recommend contacting DMBC's Archives and Local History Service (see below) who are used to dealing with genealogy enquiries and even offer courses for beginners in tracing their family tree.


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