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Tittot - makers of lovely cast glass in Taiwan

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I have these three items by Tittot. 

My understanding is that they were designed in Taiwan but manufactured in China.

I just love them.


flying free:
My understanding was that they were made in Taiwan.
Do you have a source for your info?

There is a nice video here about Tittot museum:

This is an article from 1997 in Taiwan Today:,45&post=36594

And here is a brochure with lots of info about the museum and the glass - very humorous :)  :

I can not remember where I got the impression their glass was manufactured on mainland China.  It may well have come from the way the Emglish was expressed.  Clearly they are completely based in Taiwan.  Thanks for those links I mwill be including them in the FB group I run about Chinese and Taiwanese glass.

Do you happen to know if Liuligongfang glass is also based exclusively in Taiwan?  Got any links?

Thanks for your response FF.


flying free:
This is what wikipedia says about Liuligongfang:

Looking at the dates one wonders if they are actually the same company with two divisions.  Both make great glass.



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