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Liuligangfong - another maker of fine cast glass in Taiwan


I only have the one item by them - a blue and pink paperweight style piece.

The top view appears to show a chinese symbol in its centre.

The side on view shows the butterflies better, and also shows chinese characters low on the side

The signing reads 'LLGF @@@@ - 2005 - 1585/3000' which tells me it was made in 2005 and is from a limited edition as #1585 of 3000.  The @@@@ are Chinese cahracters I have no idea what they say.  LLGF = LiuLiGangFong which surely made signing a little simpler.


 :) Very, very fine pate de verre. I'm going to have a piece, some day.

Lovely piece. The central character is a double '喜' or 'double happiness' symbol: commonly seen at weddings but also used on general household decor.

Both the characters inscribed on the base and cast into the side read 'Liuligongfang'. The cast characters on the side read top to bottom, left column then right; bottom engraved runs left to right.


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