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Mystery set 138

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Just bought this ring holder.  Maker still unknown. It glows beautifully in the dark. Looking at Mystery set 138 I noticed I never had sent photos of the ring holders of that model. So herewith an overview. Anne feel free to use the photos for GTS

Hi Eugénie, Thank you for adding these, there is such a lovely range of colours. This is a set I've not yet seen in real life (only in photos) so I'm hoping to find examples of it some day!   Again, do you have larger images please as these are quite small for the site so tend to go blocky or fuzzy when enlarged.  If you have some they can come to me by email rather than posting on the board if that's easier? Many thanks as ever.

This model  is not rare "on the continent". Not often but once in a while I see parts of this set ( and ring holders in all kind of colours). Though not the green one....

Hope this is better...

Much better thank you, Eugénie.  :)


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