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Reich 8777 Opaline Dish Centrepiece.

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This is shown in the 1934 and 36 Reich catalogues and has a diameter of 115mm. and height 105mm. It is part of a large suite with the same rose decoration and is related to the trinket sets 8785+ and 8751+. Pamela has it listed as a centrepiece on pressglas-pavillon but it could be a sundae dish or pin dish.

It photographs better against a different background.

I have a frosted pink green one of these on a chrome stand. The wide-footed ones like yours (it's super by the way!) are usually called grapefruit dishes, the wide foot being an ideal place to pop the pips. :)

Thanks Anne, I love it too, especially in opaline glass  ;D. I didn't think it was large enough for a centrepiece and was more of a dessert dish size.

It's a grapefruit dish


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