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Jeannette Floral Vase Uranium

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Jeannette "Floral" 7" vase aka "Poinsettia" ( a misnomer). Made 1931-35.

A vase! How unusual. Well done Nev, you must be very pleased. :)
It's normally only saucers and grapefruit dishes you ever manage to find. ;D

Thanks Sue, it was hiding on Ebay with another vase and I thought it was a Walther one until I took closer look  ;D. I've added a photo of my other pieces.

You have a very unusual shape of jug too. It's funny the things you do and don't find in this particular glass. It's actually a clematis, isn't it?
I do have some but can't get to it right now. It's grapefruit dishes and saucers.  ;D

Yes Sue the jug's quite scarce too. I researched the pattern and it seems to be a composite of clematis, virginia creeper and perhaps passion flower!


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