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Jeannette Floral Vase Uranium

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I can't check it right now, but I seem to remember there is a kind of raised cross shape in the middle of the flower, which I have seen in chocolate-scented passion flowers.
But they are the only passion flowers I have seen. ;D

You're right passionflowers have a cross shaped stigma, the pattern just has an unusual single one which I can't find elsewhere.

They are passion flowers, The grapefruit dishes are actually called sherberts. What you really want to find are dresser set bits; they are rare. The tiny 3.5 in footed tumblers seem to have been mostly exported to the UK, as they are rare in the USA. Your pitcher in that size (5.5 in) is also quite scarce so may have been another thing mostly exported.

I think they are supposed to be passion flowers but the designer hasn't reproduced the complicated centre of the flower.


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