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paperweight novice:
Hello there, just wanted to introduce myself. I have been lucky enough to inherit a wonderful collection of vintage paperweights. I'm starting to learn about the makers and the art. I can't keep them all so am going to be selling a few off on eBay. I mostly don't know the names or maker, so have listed them generically, under "Vintage Paperweight . If anyone is interested to see... there are at this link.

Thank you and I look forward to learning from the forum!

Hi "paperweight novice", welcome to the Board.

I have moved your thread to this forum as it offers items for sale. I am wondering what you mean by "Vintage" and "Antique". Within the weights you have listed, none are "Antique" if we use the definition of "100 years old". I think the closest you have to "Antique" is the  one for which you have added an image to this thead.

For the other weights you have, please feel free to post them in the Paperweights forum for ID information if you require it. But please post one item per thread otherwise it gets complicated when comments for several items are given in the same thread.


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