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Sowerby "Cadet" Advert

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This is an extract from an advert placed by Hetheringtons Ltd, Brighton, in the Mid Sussex Times, 25th July 1933.

I have saved the entire page with the advert on, but sampled and tidied up the important bit :P , as shown below!

This is a really interesting find LinzC. The tall candlesticks make 'The Cadet' more like the 'Junior' set which is shown with an all over star tray and no pot finial in the 1933 catalogue. It's still all quite confusing.

Also of note "The Brilliant" and "The Manchester" both 7 piece and both in flint, two more names to be pondered over there, and a nice image of  Sowerby "County" with no snippets missing, well found!  :)

I think Manchester was the name for pattern #2487.


--- Quote from: LinzC on April 17, 2021, 11:32:46 AM ---I think Manchester was the name for pattern #2487.

--- End quote ---

Interesting, the tray is certainly the right size and shape, oblong 12" x 8" and it comes in clear/flint which is correct per the Advert which describes it as "imitation cut glass" the only thing is it's on list 39 and the 1954 catalogue as a 5 piece, but the 1933 snipped catalogue image with the variant tall candlesticks does appear to show it as a 7 piece as you can just see the top of a pot below the tray.

Do you have any other info to confirm 2487 is "The Manchester" LinzC?

It’s just the change in the catalogues over the years Jayne.

In the 1933 catalogue the “Manchester suite” is shown, with biscuit and  honey. The same images feature in 1940, 1954 & list 35, but they’re referred to as pattern 2487.


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