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--- Quote from: LinzC on April 18, 2021, 03:19:06 PM ---It’s just the change in the catalogues over the years Jayne.

In the 1933 catalogue the “Manchester suite” is shown, with biscuit and  honey. The same images feature in 1940, 1954 & list 35, but they’re referred to as pattern 2487.

--- End quote ---

Quite right LinzC well spotted, the 1933 "Manchester Suite" catalogue page 11 even shows a "puff bowl and cover"

Thank you Jayne and Linz for picking up on the similarity between 2487 and Manchester. I think you may have solved one of the mysteries we had... in the 1933 catalogue is a part image of a set with the same tray as the 2487 set and a part pot which appears to match the Manchester puff pot in the 1933 catalogue, but with bigger candlesticks. If we look at Linz's advert image it says it has "large candlesticks".  So putting the catalogue images side by side I think the Manchester set is the clipped out one that we can't see the name on, whilst the other two show the two versions of the 2487 set (one with a pin tray, the other with a ringholder) both of which have the smaller candlesticks.


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