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Large signed glass fish ID Help. Murano ? ID = Czech, Novy Bor, Exbor

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I am having hard time to ID this fish. ???
I think it is Murano but not sure.
All opinions welcome!
Thanks in advance!

This should help

Hi bat20,
Thanks for the link!
I have already researched a lot the possibility of it being Novy Bor but found nothing similar. I also researched the possibility of it being Pauly & C. - Compagnia Venezia Murano with the same result and thats why I turned to the forum for advice.

I just found this topic with the same fish and it looks as it has been identified already. I am now wondering if it is possible to find the original topic where it was identified.

I have also just found this piece by Rene Roubicek with label of Pauly & co . It seems that his glass was exhibited and sold in Pauly & C showroom in Venice and that explain why this piece is signed Pauly.


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