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Magical colours glass fish help Request please

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I know nothing about this  fish, apart from it glows green with any sort of direct bright light (indoors lights and outdoor sunlight) I cant see a sticker, signature or mark anywhere on it. I've not seen something so dull looking transform so beautifully with abit of direct light. I dont know but it looks to have smudge of gold specks or similar in the base.
 Any help welcome. Thank you 

Hi and welcome to the board. Your photos are rather small, they can be up to 124kb, you may get more help if you can repost them here somewhat larger.

There is a help topic here on how to resize photos:,34093.0.html

Hopefully sorted. Thank you

Hi and welcome. :)
Your glowing green is from Uranium. Nothing to worry about, it will stay in the glass and uranium radiation has very weak penetration.
It is still very difficult to make out details from your pics, the background gets in the way a bit and they are not focussed enough.
I would suspect it is from Murano, but don't know which factory.
What shape exactly, is the round base? Is it shaped a little like a flower?

I'll try to work this out, bare with me, please.


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