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ID help for new collector - large Elio Raffaeli pigeon


Hi team

I very excitedly bought 2 pieces of glass from a collectibles market this weekend.
My favourite animals are ducks and birds and I fell in love with this heavy and large pigeon.
It has Elio Raffaeli signature on the base but I canít find anything similar to it when I google it. There are no stickers or labels or other marks.
It stands about 18cm high from base to top of head and about 30cm long to end of tail.
I know that Elio Raffaeli did some vintage Murano bird pieces but was hoping to find out more and if this was a Murano piece? I think the other name that came up was Formia?
Any help gratefully accepted. Iím just a brand new baby first time collector and am very keen to learn. Even if Iíve been sold a whoopsies then that would be great.

Thanks so much

Hello and welcome.  :)
i don't think this is any sort of whoopsie. For a new collector you have a very good eye, this is something very good. I can't tell you more than that, this isn't my area, but we do have plenty of people here who will be able to help.
I've never seen a pigeon like this before. It could be that it is difficult to find on the web because it is an unusual or scarce piece.

Apparently Elio Raffaeli was the co-founder of the ARS Murano factory. There is a similarly shaped bird shown on Etsy online.

My searches are all a lot smaller than they used to be, and things I used to be able to find easily have all vanished.
I don't know it it's the difference between windoze 7 and 10, or new regulations limiting parameters or the sudden banning of things where I live.


Here are a couple of links.


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