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Richard Lamprecht Vase


Hi all, I'm looking for any Richard Lamprecht collectors. I bought this signed vase from Nobbs Pottery  near Rockhampton about 10 yr or so ago. I was told he was retiring and this was one of his last pieces. I still have the card I received with it. The vase is 40cm high, 26cm wide and about 9cm deep at it's deepest. I'm looking to sell it so am after a collector or someone who appreciates it. I have more pics but it doesn't seem to want to upload them.

Hi and welcome. We have loads of techie help and info about posting images, here;,22.0.html

You can add 4 images to each post, just click on the words "more attachments" under the box and a new box will appear.

It would help if you could use a very plain background. A white sheet or pillowcase would do.
To bring up the signature for photography, rub over it with your thumb and a little talcum powder - or cinnamon or cocoa of you don't have talc.

We have an area dedicated to sales posts, the Marketplace. I'm going to ask a moderator to shift this for you. Don't worry about it.  :)


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