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white/opal Marmite jars by AGM - Aus or NZ ?


I research small items for the Packard Motor Museum, Maungatapere, Northland.

One lot of those items are six white/opal glass Marmite jars, marked Property of Sanitarium Health Food Ltd. They are also marked AGM (logo)  V893  17. They are not attributed to any country and originally had paper labels. Screw lids.

AGM formed by amalgamation in 1915 in Australia and opened the Penrose glassworks in New Zealand in 1922.
Sanitarium formed in 1898 in Australia and opened a sister company in New Zealand about 1901. They imported bulk Marmite from the UK and packaged it for retail sales.

The museum has four other opal jars marked AGM and I have five of my own. Several other museums in NZ and Australia also hold these jars though they are attributed to Sanitarium as maker.

I am interested in where the jars V893 were made and wonder if there are any catalogues?
In the absence of "Made in New Zealand" it is possible the same pattern was used in Australia and New Zealand.

One of the museums also has a Vegemite jar, AGM V879.



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