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Sklo Union glass question - were any ever produced in

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flying free:

I love all the colours but on re-arranging my display this evening a question that's played on my mind forever came up again - no reds?
To be honest, the display has most of the colours and I have a red vase in it from elsewhere  but it looks odd - it doesn't work with the other colours.  I'm sure that's not the reason why I've never seen a red Sklo Union vase though.

Interesting, never noticed before. A case in point? -


flying free:
It's been on my mind since I started my collection about 8 years ago  ::) but for some reason I've never asked.
I'm musing here - I guess contemporary/20th century red is maybe either gold ruby (e.g Whitefriars), copper ruby, or selenium?
There seems to be some mid century Scandinavian mold blown glass in red.  I have a couple- think  Aseda - and  think Riihimaaki used a red - I've kept them because I quite like the shapes but can't afford the real Scandinavian mid century avant garde shapes so never made a collection.  I don't think it's gold ruby but I suppose maybe copper ruby.
I think some Scandinavian makers used selenium and also I think there is some Russian and Ukrainian glass which used selenium?

So I'm assuming red is difficult to work with ( I think ?) but it's really strange none are in the Sklo Union sets. Is it difficult to produce consistent colour and also expensive maybe?

Perhaps cost or prevailing fashion would be the biggest factors, I suspect workability might be less of a reason in this case.

flying free:
mm, been thinking.  I think red needs to be cased because of the depth of the colour. That wouldn't be possible with Sklo Union pressed pieces would it?


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