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Boda Vase - trying to find designer


Hi there - this is my first post so apologies if I get anything wrong.

I am posting as I bought a vase at auction and have been carrying out some research - I think I have got about as far as I can and was wondering if anyone else might be able to offer any more detail

I've posted some images of the vase - the pics are not clear but i am pretty sure the etched marks on the bottom read Boda 2633/1047, so I'm assuming that it comes from Boda before the Kosta Boda merger. There is no specific artists signature and the style of the image seems to look  different to that of other Boda vases that I can find online. The closest i can find are some Hoglund Boda vases. But while it would be great if it was a Hoglund piece, i think the style is different and is closer to some I have seen from Orrefors.

Wondered if anyone could shed any more light on this vase?

Welcome to the glass message board journeyman.
Lovely engraving on your vase.
At the top of the page where your posting is, you will see a very good link to old Swedish glass catalogues
kindly uploaded by Kerstin Froberg.
There are a few Boda catalogues there of all era's.
Good luck,

Thanks for the links. I've had a good root around in some of those, and also through my own searches. From this the most similar style appears to be Fritz Kallenberg, although his pieces seem to have often been signed with his name.

No luck trying to find information about the Boda numbers on the base of your vase.
I can see why you were thinking of Orrefors.
In the book  Scandinavian glass 1930-2000, smoke and ice, they reproduce some photos from a 1937 Orrefors catalogue.
There is a vase with a very similar design by Vike Lindstrand (L 1867) and on another page there is a very similar shaped vase as yours,
( N 1707).
In the past i have written to the Swedish glass museum and they have been very helpful.
I think the figure depicted on your vase may be Salacia, consort of Neptune.
Hope this is of some help.

Thanks Essi - it was Lindstrand that I though it resembled, but I thought that would be too lucky, and I can't find any evidence of him ever working for Boda before the Kosta Boda merger.

I hadn't thought to approach the Swedish Glass Museum - thanks for the suggestion. I hope that Google Translate can help me with my Swedish....


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