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Lidded powder bowl.

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Anne E.B.:
Any ideas what this lidded powder bowl might be please?  I've searched through trinket sets websites, Presglas and Marcus Newhall Sklo Union CD-Rom without success.
I think that it might be Libochovice 2023, but its difficult to tell from drawings or existing pictures.  It has what I call a pie crust edge rim, and an 8 star base with smaller stars inbetween (pic.2).
Its approximately 4" diameter and quite heavy.  I can't really think of a suitable colour name either.  Its not quite pink or amber, but somewhere in-between.
TIA :)

Just to add - its actually more pink than shown in the picture where it looks more amberish.

Anne E.B.:
I think the colour I was trying to remember to describe it is 'rosalin'.

Hi Anne E.B. you're on the right track, it's Libochovice but pattern number 1872. Again it's hard to tell from the drawings and existing pictures but I have seen the set several times and own a couple of sets, and the pot is exactly the same as yours.  :)

Jayne's correct, it's the 1872 pot. The catalogue doesn't show how indented the lid is, it looks straighter on the cat image.  Anne may I add your photos to GTS please, as we don't have good pics of the pot from this set yet.

Anne E.B.:
Oooh thanks so much for confirmation although with different pattern number.  I spent ages looking through the trinket set catalogues but missed it ::)  After a while I get word and image blind ::)
You are more than welcome to use the images t'other Anne.


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