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Becky Morris:
Hi. New to this so help you can help me. My husband has been searching everywhere for a Caithness  Coral in blue. He has the orange and the damson. Many thanks. Becky

Hi Becky welcome to the Board.

I hope you can find an example of the Coral weight (CT-8) in blue. However, in our Paperweights forum, there is a thread showing a Blue version marked to the base and including "(blue)" which is, in fact, purple!

 :) I've got a "Damson Floral Fountain", and have just been trying to compare the purple of that with Christine's "Blue Coral" on the pc screen. I don't know how accurate a comparison might be, but for what it's worth, my damson is more of a blue-y purple than Christine's purple "blue" is.
It might be different lights and cameras.

Becky Morris:
Thanks for the information. If anyone wishes to sell a coral in blue/purple (not damson) please let me know.

Is your hubby's Damson Coral marked as being damson?
I was just wondering if the damson he has might actually be officially blue.
Do we know how many colours of Coral were made, officially?
I've just done an image search, and found an image of Blue Coral.
It's nothing like Christine's Damson. It doesn't look like a similar weight just in another colour, at all.

It also looks like a fairly small edition number. It's officially 250, but it's perfectly possible it was stopped long before 250 were made. That did happen.


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