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Small Victorian Tankard - ID = "Michigan" 15077 pattern, part of the "States" series

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This little tankard is only 4" tall and holds about 6fl.oz. I've read that a 6.15fl.oz. glass was introduced around 1910 but I think this is Victorian. I've searched the History of Molineaux and Webb site and elsewhere but found nothing similar.

Possibly a custard cup?

Probably no help but the shape (excluding handle) with the flared top, faceted sides, and bulbous lumps around the base reminds me of some biedermeier bechers. Maybe continental?

Thanks Ekimp, I think it's English, possibly Davidson or Greener or one of many others, perhaps with a nod to the Biedermeier style.

Ok, just a thought. Pressed glass isnít really my thing but think I shouldíve got the tumbler I saw today. Only 50p and felt nice in the hand, probably victorian...Iíve started passing on glass I used to get excited about  :o


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