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Murano ?

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Hi , this looks a bit Cristallo in colour but itís form doesnít seem to crop up on line , ring any bells thanks .

 :) Neodynium, I suspect.
To me, it looks more Czech than Murano - the style is much more modernist than traditional. :)

Ahh yes could be , I think itís a light blue glass over pink ?

 :) Neodynium is dichroic. It shows different colours in different wavelengths of light.
A rosy pink/lilac in daylight, a pale grey-blue in incandescent light.
I can see two of the shades it offers, the paler lilac of the casing and the rosy pink around the internal base where the light is on thicker glass and coming at an angle to it.  8)

Great , thanks .I learn far more from my mistakes on here .😀


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