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Floral paperweight ID Help please. ID = Chinese


Hi everyone! I recently purchased this paperweight. No signature or date on this piece. Does anyone know who the artist might be? Thanks!

That looks like a fun piece ,is it crocus carrots and radishes?? Any chance of some more photo’s ?

I added a bunch more photos. Let's see if I did this right. :)

We have loads of techie help and info here:-,22.0.html
to help you post images directly to the board.
I won't click on external links, but the most important thing is that images hosted elsewhere tend to vanish, which leaves us with a thread discussing something, but unillustrated, which is not good for saving a record for future reference.  :)

It looks very Chinese to me: colours, style, matte ground base. No new though, 1970s perhaps


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