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Sabino large bowl. Age, Date info appreciated!

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I have a Sabino piece which looks to be Art Deco and I would like more information about it if anyone knows anything. Manufacturing date? Did Sabino title their pieces? I have never seen a piece this large in person and I would like to know how rare this one is? The size
 is 16" Wide x 5.5" D x 3.25" H. I have attached photos of it.


Paul S.:
would agree with you re the appearance, though in view of the permanent popularity of 'deco style' then almost anything might genuinely be called deco provided, stylistically, it's in the deco style  - whether made in the mid 1920s or last year.   The company was active from c. 1925 to c. 1975, apparently, and marks can vary -  ........... ""Prior to World War II, Sabino glass made for sale in France was marked” Sabino Paris ”. Larger pieces had the signature etched into the base. Smaller pieces had the signature molded into the side. Sabino also used the trademarks “Veart” and “Venox” in the 1930s.""  .....   so it gets a bit confusing.       I could be very wrong, and someone may look in here who is a world renowned expert on French opalescent glass, but this is generally expensive material and possibly out of the league of most collectors here.          The mark shown on this piece appears to be 'intaglio/impressed into', which may help someone to date the bowl.    Whilst you're waiting hopefully for some info here, there is plenty to trawl through on the internet.             How was this piece sold to you i.e. description and date?     Sorry this is really unhelpful, fingers crossed someone might be able to offer information that's actually useful.              P.S.   ...........   and welcome to the GMB by the way. :)

Thanks, I picked this piece up at auction and had to give a good fight but I would rather not say what I paid. I love the way the ends swirl and the way you can tell just by looking at it, it is a substantially heavy weighted piece. I have looked all over the net to try and find another like it but I cannot which leads me to believe it is not as common.

A nice piece: this is a jardiniere, catalogue no. 9125 ‘Spiralide’ (Shown in Philippe Decelle’s Sabino Catalogue Raisonne). What’s interesting about your example is that it has either an acid etched or glue-chipped finish on the body: something I’ve not seen before on this model. I don’t believe this shape was continued post-war — even if it was, I’d expect yours to be pre-war production given the unusual finishing (there is a lot more variety in colours and finishes on older production).

Oh that is great Steven, thank you! Very helpful. Any idea what something like this is worth?


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