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Imperial marigold carnival 'Windmill' bowl.

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Paul S.:
Not sure where such a piece should be posted.       Normally, wouldn't dare venture into the Carnival area - particularly marigold - but was so taken with the depth/height of the relief moulding, it came home with me.       Difficult to date these things  -  David Doty's site suggests that 'Windmill' started life back c. 1915 - but this piece obviously much younger, though the whole process of dating these Imperial carnival items, accurately, is nigh on impossible since the moulds have apparently be re-used a number of times.     Having said that, would anyone care to take a punt as to approximate age?     thanks for looking.

Imperial is an American maker, so it should be there really Paul (I'll move it over for you.) Glen is the person you need for these really, hopefully she will spot it sometime soon, or you could email her and ask about timeframe, I'm sure she wouldn't mind.  It's a corker of a bowl for sure.

Paul S.:
my apologies Anne  -  I'd forgotten the Board does have a section specifically for the States, so thanks for moving.


This excellent site has some information. I assume this is the Glen Anne mentioned.

Paul S.:
Hi - thanks v. much for the link and illustrations, and yes, this is the Glen Thistlewood Anne mentioned.    David Doty's site is also of much interest to those who collect this material, and there is an overlap in information with the two sites.   Like most of us who go around peering at glass for years, I've seen some of the more common patterns, but usually stay away from buying as it's a bit specialized and of course the States have to some extent overdone the re-use of many of the moulds.     I'd not seen Windmill before, or at least couldn't remember if I had, plus as I say I was very impressed with the massiveness of the relief moulding.      This example looks to be devoid of any backstamp or markings whatsoever, so no help there.     Who currently owns or has possession of this mould I've no idea, but it's possible it's still be used, or even new moulds made  -  on this one the high relief of the windmill and surrounding bushes etc. is without any marigold  -  whether it's been worn away or for some reason escaped the salts we may not know.              This marigold colourway is seen most commonly in charity shops - lots at times - so must assume it has been made in quantity in recent years.              thanks again.


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