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Reich 8792


Hi Anne. I noticed that on your website that you don't have any photos of the clear blue "8792" set. I took some from an incomplete set and thought you might find them useful. Ive never seen another one in this colour.
{ I sincerely hope that someone at some point, finds a catalogue that lists an actual name for some of these sets other than a impossible to remember number }🙄

Hi Walden, thank you for adding these and allowing me to add them to the GTS website. I have pic's of the paler blue clear candlesticks matching the blue of the frosted blue part set I have, but yours look to be much deeper in colour than either of those examples. It's a glorious blue!

Re names, not all manufacturers gave their patterns names, many of them just used catalogue numbers sadly. The only Reich pattern I've found so far that has named trinket sets is Viktoria.

You're right. Actually, i did see that candlestick. I even tried to bid on it(unsuccessfully) when I saw it on eBay earlier this year. I had purchased a complete frosted set last year as i didnt think that the blue clear set existed. (Next unicorn is the pink Sowerby Sunray set ☘) You're right about the blue. Its a lot deeper than other Reich sets i have. I have attached a picture of the frosted blue set i took last winter - its under lights which make it almost glow - but its good for comparison of the two.  - feel free to use any of these photos for your website if you find they are useful..


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