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Anchor Hocking ruby vases for show.


Paul S.:
Ruby must be the current 'in' colour  -  I don't see much from this C20 factory, and unless you're heavily into domestic table/utility wares then their output is probably not fashionable to collect - at least this side of the pond (they either still are or were based in Ohio, U.S.A.).        Very well known for some household names in heat resistant kitchen glass.     I've seen the odd piece over the years, but these are the first for some time.

You wouldn't believe these are eighteen inches tall  -  neither would I  -  in fact they stand at 6 inches (about 15 cms.)  -  just that the picture makes them appear rather taller than that.     Can only assume they are a pair of small posy type vases unless someone has a more knowledgeable answer.          The back stamp is unmistakable.
Anyway, the point of posting is really that being outside my comfort zone I've not the least idea as to age - perhaps someone might be able to suggest a decade, at least  -  they don't have a modern look, more an appearance of mid C20 or even a tad earlier.                       thanks for looking.

My mother had some of these when I was a lass, Paul. There is a website dedicated to AH here that you might find of interest -

Paul S.:
many thanks for the link Anne  -  I think interest is putting it mildly  -  this guy is truly something else.

As for this pair, they appear to be Royal Ruby bud vases with fluted/crimped rims made some time in the 1950s  -  Royal Ruby looks to have been first made in 1938.        There are a few for sale on ebay  -  amongst quite a lot of other shapes in the colourway  -   so it seems not an uncommon design.   thanks again.


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