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Cristalleries de Saint-Louis bowl 1908

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flying free:
As clear glass seems to be the thing this week I thought I'd show this.

Will either be used as a salad bowl (it's known as a 'saladier') or will be a Christmas present.
Acid etched with a design of half moons that I think is specific to Saint-Louis and appears as nr.630 in their 1908 catalogue:

The foot is deceptive in the photos - it's a straight sided thick disc applied to the bowl,  in clear glass with a 36 point star cut base.

The texture is very like some float/roll pressed glass designs found in ancient bathroom windows...
please, don't be angry with me...  ;)

flying free:
 ;D  The French made some great window and mirror glass.  I think St Gobain made textured window glass.
This doesn't look anything like it in real life :)

I put a close up on but the design is very very very tiny and the bowl just looks like satin glass really until you see it close up.  And then  you can see the design.  They used this apparently 'acid etched' type of design as a background on some fabulous cameo vases and bowls and also on goblets. 
This is an example of it on a lampshade:,55375.msg313791.html#msg313791

I have a large cameo Baccarat bowl with an acid etched background already , which is why I'll be using this one as a salad bowl. 
Can't be bothered to photograph the Baccarat bowl but this is the design of it - it has a leaf background acid etched pattern and this cameo design:

These are specific to their era I believe - and can be very difficult to sift out whether it's Baccarat or Saint-Louis or even Val St Lambert I think.  I'm not sure anyone knows how they were actually achieved and made.

Nice bowl, interesting surface finish. I bet it would look good empty on a window sill :)

flying free:
It's weird, it will probably look good on the black granite windowsill in the kitchen but it really needs a dark 'ground' to sit on so any of the painted white window sills are no good unfortunately.
It actually looks very glamorous on the cabinet but I don't want to use it there and I'm not a fan of colourless glass to be honest  :-[    however, this was so cheap I just couldn't not buy it even though I already knew what it was.


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