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S.Reich 8877 candlestick


Im trying to determine if the candlestick I have for the pink 8877 is a match or a marriage. Ive seen this candlestick with the pink set before, but the blue set and the green set both have a larger candlestick with a round base. I dont think ive seen different peices determined by a colour for the same set before, or were there two seperate types of candlesticks based on ..perhaps country of purchase, or maybe year of production?
Ring tree didn't survive the trip :(
As always please feel free to use any of my photos you find useful.

I have the same happening on the GTS website, the pink ones are the same shape as yours, the green ones are the same as your blue ones.

Yes, you're right. Ive not seen variation base on what seems to be colour, before.


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