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"Fake" Greta - now found in 1936 catalogue, so not fake but a variant


So happy to find all the peices to a pink Greta set a while ago from three different sellers only to realize after that none of the peices looked like the Greta set i had seen anywhere else. The tray didnt have the vertical lines in the tray and all the peices had kind of a bumpy texture instead of the frosted. In fact, one of the pots and the candlesticks were not frosted at all.
Im pretty sure its a Walther and Sohne set but Ive not seen in any old catalogues - the GTS calls it simply " Mystery #40 "
Weirdly, i also found peices to make a partial set in green too.

Here is the partial green set - one pic has Greta tray for comparison. The green is not the same tone. I don't know if that means anything. But the shape and size are identical..

I've been trying to resolve this puzzle and have now managed to find a 1934 WALTHER catalogue entry for the Greta pots showing both designs, so although I haven't found the tray or the candlestick in the catalogues as yet, I'm pretty certain they are all Walther.

Oh! Well done Anne. I figured that they were Walther but  nice to know for sure. It seems that the hammered effect came in both frosted and clear too. This is very intetesting if for no other reason than calling them " hammered Greta" than          "fake Greta ". I dont like that word.
Feel free to use my photos on your site if you find them at all helpful

Thank you Walden, I'd love to add them to the GTS website. :)


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