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Chartreuse Memphis

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flying free:
Have you searched this board?

I put a long thread on here,42896.msg238913.html#msg238913

Unfortunately some of the characters in the names/words have become distorted in that thread - I'm not sure why but that should give you lots of links and designer names.
Mine is signed for Jiri Suhajek.


Sadly mine is not signed but in reading the thread, it seems that not all pieces were signed. I did email Jiri Suhajek but I did not receive a response yet.  I also tried Rony Plesel and received the following response:

Dear David,
surprisingly this vase is not designed by Rony Plesl.
Kindly regards,
Josef� Pleslovἢr class="">
rony plesl studio
aldova 1, A
186 00 Praha 8

+420 773 910 602


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