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Made in Czechoslovakia label.

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Does anyone know if the "made in ..." labels were ubiquitous, or did each company have their own design? I bought a trinket pot for one of the mystery sets and it had a Made in Czechoslovakia sticker on it. It also had another brand on the sticker I'm not familiar with. It looks like "L&H" not sure what that means..

It might be an importers label, but whose I can't tell you.

That's an interesting label, I don't recall seeing it before. Which mystery set did you find an example on Walden?

Thanks Nev. Hi Anne. It is a pot for Mystery 121. I dont have the actual pot yet, but from the original photo it had this label and the remnant of a larger label that had been removed already. I enlarged the label to see if it could be identified. When i receive it I will see if i can get a more detailed photo

Thanks Walden, I have long suspected this was a Czech set (gut feeling - very scientific - not!)  I'd be interested to see the label and remainder of same when you get the pot...  sometimes even the remnants can help with an ID. (I recall identifying my decanter from the glue residue left on the glass by a label that had come off it.)


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