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Made in Czechoslovakia label.

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Pamela has the posy vase from this set in the Reich section here:

The candlesticks also look similar to other Reich patterns.

Reich is what I suspect too, I'll go rummage through more references and see if I can prove it. :)

I couldn't find anything in the catalogues to confirm it Anne, there are other sets online but no definite attribution.

I hope have some success Anne!
The ribbing on the posy vase is extremely similar to the ribbing in the 8877 Reich candlesticks. I initially thought they might be from the same set. I'll send a photo when I get a chance.
Do we know if the molds used by Sam Reich's company made in house? I think a time machine might help here..

Hi Walden, I don't know but molds are something we need to explore in more detail, as I'm pretty sure that the same molds were bought by different glasshouses, which could explain why, for instance, we see Bagley State and Libochovice 1880-1884 pieces that appear identical. Some glasshouses seem to have made all their own molds, others bought them in, whilst yet others made some and bought others. I'm going to add a section to the GTS website about moldmakers shortly.


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