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Requesting some Heisey help, please-


  Is there a Heisey collector who could answer some questions for me?
 Iím in the middle of trying to purchase some glassware as a gift for my husband - shhh! :)
However, Iím concerned over the glassware which arrived over the weekend.

My questions are these:
I got 6 of the etched aqua caliante glasses with the fox chase pattern on them. When I line them up on our counter, there is a very noticeable difference in their heights. The actual etching pattern is consistently in the same location but I fear the rims may have been ground down on some of them.

Heisey wouldnít have sold items which werenít consistent in size, would they?

Second question-
I purchased a Heisey bar bottle from the same dealer. On the bottom, there is a small modern sticker with a heart on it and the background is clear which is really giving me pause. Why is that on the piece and what exactly does it mean? On the website for the Heisey Museum, it shows a current artist who is known to do pieces using the patterns of past made items.

 Has anyone ever thought there may be reproductions of these pieces currently on the market?

Since itís bar ware, I was told the Heisey mark may not be part of the design if the piece was blown into a mold. I can understand that. However, it makes those of us trying to learn about the glass a bit concerned they may not have a true piece of vintage Heisey.

  Am I being too worried about nothing or are these issues something I should consider when purchasing glassware?
  The fact these stemmed glasses arenít the same height bothers me. I expected the set would be perfect in every way. Is this a normal with Heiseyís stemware to have noticeable variations or does it sound as though there may have been something done to these pieces?

  Thank you so very much for any insights you could offer-

(P.S. Iím the one with the old fashioneds and the cocktail shaker in the same pattern as above who came to this board for insights. I accepted a very reduced pricing on the pieces and will use the cocktail shaker as a vase so the spotting isnít noticeable.)


I can't speak to the label, but regarding the height of the stemware I wold also think that some grounding might have occurred.  If the pattern is in the same spot it seems highly unlikely that you should see significant differences in  height.  I have quite a number of pieces of Heisey stemware, blown and pressed, and while there may be some variation, it is negligible.  This would bug me too.


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