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Rare find! French Restoration Period Basket -Bercy

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I assume it's value is around 2000.
But it's a hard time selling it., so it could take years.
So for now I'll enjoy it myself.

flying free:
 :)  well that's the way it goes. You clearly have done research and knew what you had found.  :)
And that comes down to owning the books as well - they are not cheap.  My books are well over Eu. 1500 now.

Yes I'd say that's about right value wise.  I would find myself unable to part with it at the price you bought it for. 

flying free:
I'm just re-reading some of my notes on early French glass and in them I see one that says Bercy was founded in 1827.
I don't have the original source for where the person got this information.
Is the date it in the book Les Opalines?
That would give a tighter date on your item possibly.

I also think the handle dates it to maybe the earlier part of production?



Excuse me for my late response.
This account is registered to an old e-mailadres, which I don't have acces to anymore.
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About Bercy..
I don't know, to be honest. I couldn't find anything online.

The book dates one of them 1820-1830.
That's the one that's the same style.

The other 2 are dated later.

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