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Daum clear glass vase for show.


Paul S.:
The French must have something about these heavy pieces  -  this one is another statement item, very heavy and you wouldn't want to be the guy having this on the end of your pontil rod - it comes in at over four kilos (in excess of nine lbs.)

signed very low on the side and with wide ground/polished pontil depression on the base, which shows a fair amount of wear on the flat area.      Unfortunately, water has very slightly etched the inner surface causing a dulling of the original shine.             Sorry the base picture is poor.

I assume date wise this was made somewhere in the second half C20, but that's a bit of a guess and I stand to be corrected  -  if anyone can pin that down more accurately I'd be grateful.   thanks for looking. 

This might be of interest.

Paul S.:
thanks for the link - interesting, but unfortunate that unlike some signatures, these appear not to help with dating, and seems owner of the site doesn't include any vases.                I'm not in any way doubting that my vase is original, and the appearance of the signature does look to agree with others, so I'm happy with this one being bona fide.        I can't imagine that date wise mine is anything other than post 1950  -  of course I would have loved a large bulbous cameo etched vase showing orange Monbretias, and worth about five grand.      Mine is a tad boring, but suppose if you wanted an overweight, clear vase, then this would suit. ;D         
I was out on my walk when this came into view, so had to shove it in the rucksack - fortunately didn't have too much more walking to do.

thanks again.     


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